Reasons Why Bellevue Apartments Sell

Bellevue is a city in the state of Washington, located in the Eastside region of King County, just across Lake Washington from Seattle. It spans an area of 33.9 square miles and is occupied by 122,363 residents as of 2010. The place used to be a suburb of Seattle until decades of development transformed it into a “boomburb”, or a city that has retained features of a suburban settlement.

Bellevue is a favorite place to move in by people who have the means to do so. Proprietors of Bellevue apartments in particular benefit well from this trend, and for good reasons. Here are the factors that made apartments one of the top-selling real estate commodities in the city:

1. The continuous economic growth attracts settlers.

In spite of the recession that hit America during the past decade, the economy of Bellevue has kept on growing, albeit slowing down but not to a halt. This keeps the city on attracting both local and foreign immigrants and actually keeps up with the growth. Many of these people then move into apartments as owning land to build a house from scratch is a lot more expensive, as land in Bellevue costs $273.00 per square foot.

2. Bellevue apartments are quality residences.

The fact that an apartment is in Bellevue is already a good selling point. This is because Bellevue apartments have a good reputation of offering quality residences, and lives up to it most of the time. Sure they often end up quite expensive, but that’s a trivial trade off compared to the convenience living in the city can offer.

3. Most apartments are conveniently located near amenities and workplaces.

Bellevue houses a great number of businesses both large and small, and this presents an abundance in products, services and employment all over the city. Given the city’s modest size, Bellevue apartments end up being in good proximity to these businesses, which is good news to those who work in one and/or regularly require the products and services that they can offer.

4. Many come to study in Bellevue.

Bellevue is known to host the Bellevue School District which includes several top-ranking academic institutions. It also has schools that offer tertiary education, namely the City College and Bellevue College. Thus, students flock from all over, but not all of them can be catered by school dorms. Many of them therefore rent apartments, which are happy enough to set up dorm-type rooms with dumbed down prices to accommodate this demographic.

5. Bellevue can be easily accessed from other states.

Among the things that drive Bellevue’s economy is its efficient public transportation. The I-405 is central to this, and, incidentally, it also makes the city a lot more accessible to migrants from other states. For those who do not know, the I-405 is an Interstate Highway, a part of the national road network that links states together. The resulting domestic migration brought about by this stretch of spacious road has made Bellevue apartments even more profitable.

In conclusion, there is but one thing that makes real estate property in Bellevue such as apartments sell: migration. This in turn, is made possible by the quality of life, education and economic stability, factors that define this city in the Washington state.