Where to Go on the Eastside

The only state named for a president, Washington was nicknamed “The Evergreen State” by C.T. Conover, pioneer Seattle realtor and historian, for its abundant evergreen forest. It is a well-known vacation place for people who like outdoor sports like hiking, kayaking or mountain biking. But may be there are not too many people who know that Washington is also home of some of the largest and famous companies in the world. In and around Seattle are the headquarters and factories of such big behemoths like Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon and Starbucks. This makes the area popular destination not only for leisure but also for business travel.

If you need to spend few days on the Eastside, the part of King County that is east of Lake Washington, you may wonder how to better organize your stay. Doesn’t matter whether you are on business trip or vacation here are my tips for you.

First, finding a hotel or place to sleep should not be a problem. If you are on a business trip this may already be organized for you and hotel will be the preference. If you are on vacation you may decide to rent a vacation home for few days. One good source for that is http://www.travelweaver.net but there are hundreds more that you can find on Internet.

Finding good food will be your next goal. What would you like? Thai, Mexican or Steak from Texas. Depends also how much you would like to spend for dinner. I will skip the trivial choices and emphasize on few dinner places that I think deserve their high rating.

The first one is P. F. Chang’s China Bistro. There are three of them in Washington – one in Seattle, one in Lynwood and one in Bellevue. The last one you can find in Bellevue Square Mall, a favorite place for shopping. In P. F. Chang’s you can really enjoy the food and there is such for every taste: vegetarian, pork, duck or chicken, appetizers, soups, salads or traditional Chinese dishes. Don’t miss the desserts! But be careful; I’ll recommend ordering The Great Wall of Chocolate only if you are at least party of 8 or… you are dying for chocolate. Don’t be afraid of the prices at P. F. Chang’s, you can easily enjoy good dinner for 4 for around 100 $.

Mexican food is one of the favorites for many people in US. Good place to find such is Cactus in Kirkland. It serves Mexican, Southwestern and Spanish and it is home to Seattle’s very first tapas bar. They have also seasonally evolving menus nightly specials. Cactus is rated as the “Best Kirkland Casual” by Seattle Magazine in October 2002, one of the Top 100 by Seattle Weekly in 2001 and one of the Top 10 by Seattle Times in 1999. Its other location is in Madison Park in Seattle.

My favorite one is The Melting Pot in Bellevue. It is the best place outside Switzerland you can eat fondue. To enjoy the full set of courses will take you more than 3 hours; also be prepared to cook by yourself. For sure you will need reservation for that one… and also full wallet. But you will be nicely surprised by the quality of service and the taste of the food.

If you want to make short trips in the area I’ll recommend going to Kirkland. Kirkland has the most beautiful parks in the region; you can enjoy fantastic views of the Seattle skyline, the Olympic Mountains and Lake Washington while taking the lake view walk. You can also take a lake cruise with Argosy and enjoy beautiful scenery, views of Mt. Rainier, the University of Washington Husky Stadium, and home of Seattle’s rich and famous. It is also the only way to see the house of the reaches man in the world, Bill Gates.

Another good destination is the Chateau Ste Michelle, the Washington state’s oldest and most acclaimed winery. It is located 15 miles northeast of Seattle in Woodinville. You can choose the free Columbia Valley Tour and Tasting which is approximately ½ hour long and where you can learn what makes the Columbia Valley such a premier grape growing region. The tour concludes with a sampling of the wines. If you are a wine enthusiast you can also go for the Premium Wine Tasting, Vintage Reserve Room Tasting or the Ultimate Wine Tasting; all of them take between ½ and 1 hours and the prices can go up to 45 $ per person.

Exploring hidden places will make your stay on the Eastside pleasant. Don’t hesitate to check my blogs Moo Cities and My Kind of Places for more tips.

Bellevue Real Estate – Sensible Reasons That Make It a Worthy to Buy Property

Are you looking for a safe place where your family can settle comfortably for good? Do you dream of living in a quiet place but worry that you’d be so far away from the city? Look no more because Bellevue is the perfect community for your family! Buy a Bellevue real estate and experience living in a safe suburb neighbourhood that’s just minutes away from other cities. Bellevue, located in Washington State is a suburb of Seattle. It is 20 minutes away from downtown Seattle. Bellevue is now the Seattle’s economic and cultural hub in the Eastside. The business and retail centers are located right in the heart of downtown. Bellevue has one of the best shopping centers, restaurants and art galleries in Washington. It is an ideal place to raise your family in because Bellevue is also one of the 25 safest cities in America today. Bellevue also boasts of two tertiary schools that are considered one of the finest in the country. You can also choose from several secondary and primary schools located in the area. No doubt about it, Bellevue is a wonderful community your family can root in.

The environment in Bellevue is also something that is worthwhile mentioning. Bellevue was certainly not named “Beautiful View” – the literal translation of Bellevue – by the French for nothing. On a good day, the view from a hilltop and high-rise buildings is simply breathtaking. Lush green trees and grasses everywhere and beautiful houses with landscaped gardens and manicured lawns. Living in Bellevue is truly great especially for people who feel at one with nature. This is one of the reasons why Bellevue is perfect for retirees as well who want to spend the rest of their lives in a secluded and tranquil place. Nothing feels more relaxing than hearing the birds chirping outside and being far away from all the noises of a city. But the good thing about Bellevue is that it’s just minutes away from the activities of the city that it’s like living in a city. Downtown Bellevue is definitely thriving with small as well as large businesses. The money magazine, CNN.Money.com had been right in naming Bellevue as “The Best Place to Live and Launch a Business. Bellevue is also the perfect place for your family. Look no more and just pick your choice from Bellevue real estate for sale in the area. You will surely find the perfect house for your family.

Bellevue real estate is considered as a prime land because of its value in the market. You just can’t go wrong with Bellevue. Bellevue homes and properties would definitely be a god investment. Bellevue has everything a family could want in a community. One of its appeals to businessmen and homeowners alike is the easiness with which they could travel to and from Bellevue. There are several public transportations that are available for public and the local government had made sure that their highways and bridges are modern and are in the best condition. This is what makes going to neighbouring cities easy for Bellevue residents. Now, homeowners can travel easily and stay connected to the rest of the world. Bellevue has everything to offer and more. Now is the right time to purchase a property in Bellevue so you and your family can enjoy living in a peaceful and safe community.

A Conference on MLM Business Opportunity Network Marketing Protocols

Between the 22nd and 23rd of September, there will be a conference on MLM business opportunity network marketing. It will help attendees to grasp the basic elements that define a successful promotion strategy. Entrepreneurs will be given tips on how to cope with competing demands and a changing working environment. Planning is an important topic which is covered.

One of the benefits of this conference is the fact that everything is simplified and summarized in formats that are easy to grasp. You could save money and time by following these principles. Jay Leisner and Kevin Thompson are the marketing professionals who have been involved in this project. The event will take place at the Eastside Cannery Hotel and Casino.

A disciplined approach to starting and maintaining a business
Although MLM sometimes suffers from a bad reputation, there are many people who have benefitted from its principles. This conference targets everyone regardless of their expertise. There will be 2 days worth of education and discussion. It is the perfect place for a budding trader to gain an insight into the kinds of challenges that they may face.

When studying about MLM business opportunity network marketing you will need to consider the issues of compensation, recruitment and state regulations. Social media is becoming a very important tool for entrepreneurs and it is imperative that merchants know how to make a distinction between their private and business accounts.

Another topic that will be of interest is how software and technology can make work easier for the people that are gaining a foothold within the sector. For example there will be a discussion on the pitfalls of buying MLM software and the elements that have to be considered when this decision is being taken. A 30 minute appointment session is possible upon request.

The issues that are of concern to MLM operatives
Many people are interested in exploring different business models. They also want to understand how rules such as the Burnlouge FTC decision affect their operations. This was a landmark case that happened in July this year. Leverage online and social media will be some of the critical issues that are explored together with the experts.

Other entrepreneurs are concerned about the limitations when raising capital as well as stock ownership. Some of the businesses have grown very large and there has to be a process for ensuring that they are following sound commercial practice. These are some of the critical points for a MLM business opportunity network marketing learning experience.