Own and Invest in a Bellevue Real Estate

Bellevue, which is French for Beautiful View, is located in Washington and is minutes away from Seattle. It is a suburb of Seattle and is across Lake Washington. It is the 15th wealthiest of all 522 communities in the whole of Washington State. It is the 5th largest city in the state with an estimated population of 117, 000. No doubt about it, owning a real estate in Bellevue is worth your while and money. There is a lot of real estate to be found in Bellevue. About 56 % of Bellevue is either owned or for sale. There are also about 8% vacant and available lands, while 36% are owned and being leased by owners. Buying and investing on Bellevue real estate would be a good move because it has developed rapidly industrially as well as residentially over the years and it will surely continue growing. The money magazine, CNN.Money.com, in one of its articles has proclaimed Bellevue as “The Best Place to Live and Launch a Business”. That speaks a lot for the kind of investment a Bellevue real estate would be.

Bellevue is aptly named for the beautiful view that it offers. On a good weather, scenic views of the Olympic Mountains and Cascade Mountains can be seen from the top of a hill or from a high-rise building. The lush greenery surrounding of Bellevue is really relaxing that makes it an ideal place also for people to retire in. However, Bellevue is also famous for various cultural and social entertainments; and a thriving commercial district. Bellevue is also home to many small and large corporations. Bellevue definitely makes it possible for people to live in the suburb, close to nature and still be near the bustle of a city. Downtown Bellevue is as entertaining and as full of life as any city in the country. Recently, Bellevue won the Smart Communities Award for Red-Bel Plan. The Bel-Red Plan aimed to transform Bel-Red area into a vibrant corridor that links transportation, jobs, communities and housing. That is why Bellevue is considered a prime land and purchasing a Bellevue real estate would be the finest decision you’ll ever make. Bellevue is perfect not only for young couples and families, but also for young professionals and businessmen. It offers both a comfortable home nestled in a verdant environment as well as ways and means for homeowners to earn a living.

Transportation in Bellevue is not a problem. The local government ensures that public transportation is available to residents and business owners. The roads and highways leading to and from Bellevue are also in the best condition. Travelling to Bellevue’s neighbouring cities would never be a problem. The main Eastside hub of King County Metro and Sound Transit, the regional transit system is located in Bellevue. The Bellevue Transit Center is located right in the heart of the city. Living in a community such as Bellevue and staying connected to the rest of the world has never been this easy.

Now is the time to invest in a house or a land in Bellevue. There are a lot of for sale Bellevue real estate in Bellevue and with a good agent, you’ll be able to find a perfect home for your family, your dream home or simply a good investment that will surely pay off in the future.